Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals at The Three Towns Medical Practice

Community Midwives

Community Nurses

District Nursing Team

Sister Bernadette Morgan and her Team

Health Visitors

Ashley McLair, Megan Wilson and Yvonne Samson

Attached Staff

Sharon Pentleton – Smoking Cessation Officer

Jessica Montgomery – Community Link Worker

Allied Health Professionals at West Kilbride Medical Practice

Community Nurses

The District Nursing team will provide specialist nursing care for patients within their home environment. 

They can provide care and health advice for patients with:-

  • Acute and chronic wounds 
  • Ear syringing 
  • Phlebotomy service 
  • Administration of injections 
  • Supportive care for patients with a long term condition. 
  • Supportive care for patients with a terminal illness. 
  • Support to relatives and carers 
  • Promotion of continence 
  • Provision of equipment to support care at home. 

Referral to the District Nursing Service can be made via your GP, Hospital, Friends, Carers or by yourself.

If you wish to contact a nurse between 17:00 – 22:00 please phone 01294 323388; the answer machine is checked half hourly. After 22:00 the overnight nursing service can be contacted on 01563 574802. If you require a nurse on Saturday or Sunday please phone 01563 545517.

Health Visitors

Janice Busby and Carole McLaughlin

Telephone  01294 829084

Your health visitor is a registered general nurse who has undergone midwifery, family planning and public health training. She can prescribe preparations listed in the nurse prescribing formulary.